We love all things beer, so it’s an understatement to say that we were excited to participate in a full brew day with Jesse and Phil at Jobsite Brewing a couple weeks ago. It’s also an understatement to say this collaboration brew day was great. In reality it blew our expectations out of the water! 

Jesse took us under his wing all day and did a fantastic job sharing his obvious wealth of knowledge of all things brewing. It was no surprise he’d been through teachers college as he seemed genuinely happy to show us the intricacies of the beer making process. The Jobsite brewers played great forman as they made sure to put the Backroads team to work adding the grains, yeast and hops to the brew, turning various dials and transfer valves and even cleaning the mashton. Thankfully we were graciously rewarded for our hard labour with our choice of beer samples from Jobsite’s extensive tap list! 

The goal of this collaboration brew was to create a New England IPA that features big, hop-forward flavour and aroma with low bitterness levels. For hops, we chose to use Backroads 2021 Cascade and 2021 Triple Pearl to maximize the bursts of citrus flavour. We added hops generously during the boil and dry-hopped the brew throughout its fermentation period. 

A huge thank-you to Phil and Jesse for being so generous and making this epic brew day possible. Stay tuned for a release date on this NEIPA as well as the next blog post that will take a deeper dive into the details of the beer itself.