Current hops in commercial quantities: 

Centennial: Centennial hops are best known for their intense citrus bursts in both aroma and flavour, with notes of floral as well. Due to the citrus/floral combination, Centennial is affectionately referred to as “Super Cascade” in the hop community. Centennial is used in a wide range of brews but is best suited in ales and pale ales. Shop Centennial Hops

Cascade:A widely used dual-purpose hop commonly found in IPA’s. In addition to its renowned floral and citrus flavours and aromas, Cascade is also known for the part it played in starting the recent hop craze that has flooded North America.Shop Cascade Hops

Chinook: Chinook is a dual purpose hop that is quite popular for both its flavour and its aromatic value. Chinook is known for its smoothness and features a strong pine flavour, with noticeable grapefruit dashes as well. High alpha acids make this desirable and particularly effective for the modern IPA.Shop Chinook Hops

Magnum: A hybrid of a German and American hop ingenuity, Magnum is known for its excellent bittering value with aromas of spicy pepper and nutmeg with a citrus finish. Because of its clean, crisp finishing profile, Magnum is a great bittering hop for any beer style, but especially shines in German style lagers, pilsners and ales. Shop Magnum Hops

Triple Pearl: A new dual purpose hop that features a bold blend of citrus (especially grapefruit and melon) in combination with a spicy pine finish making Triple Pearl a perfect fit for any pale ale or IPA. Many brewery enthusiasts consider triple pearl to be the next new “Wow” factor hop coming to the craft beer IPA industry.Shop Triple Pearl Hops


After Harvest 2023 we will have four new varieties to offer:  

Hallertau: At over 100 years old, this is one of the four "noble" hops. It's known for its light flowery aroma with a hint of spice. 

Ultra: An aroma focused hop perfect for a late boil addition in light brews. A relative of Saaz and Hallertau, Ultra is known for its low alpha and low bitterness and features a spicy floral aroma. 

Galena: Known for producing that clean and crisp taste with hints of blackcurrant, spice and citrus. 

Saaz: One of the most recognizable lager hops, known for its low acidity and herbal flavour. Also one of the four noble hops, Saaz is perfectly suited for a vaireity of light beer styles, but paritcularly shines in Czech style lagers and pilsners.