Current hops in commercial quantities: 

  • Centennial - Versatile hop with great bitterness and forward aroma. Best suited for pale ales and IPA's
  • Cascade- All-time classic hop known for its citrus and grapefruit-like flavor 
  • Chinook- Popular for ales, this hop has a distinct pine characteristic as well as hints of grapefruit
  • Magnum- German/American hybrid known for its excellent bittering value
  • Triple Pearl-Very aromatic hop with with emphasis on sweet citrus and melon, perfect for pilsners, blondes and lagers. 

After Harvest 2021 we will have four new varieties to offer:  

  • Hallertau- At over 100 years old, this is one of the four "noble" hops. It's known for its light flowery aroma with a hint of spice. 
  • Kent Golding-floral and earthy notes, perfect hop for a flavoring and finishing
  • Saaz-Another of the four noble hops, Saaz is a staple in lagers and pilsners with a prominent herbal character 
  • Galena-Known for producing that clean and crisp taste with hints of blackcurrant, spice and citrus.