First and foremost, BackRoads is a hops farm. While we do provide other services, our passion truly lies in providing Ontario craft brewers with consistent, high-quality hops that align with their support local initiatives.

We have seven acres of mature hops in the ground with plans to fill out three more acres this coming year. These seven acres currently provide Ontario craft breweries with 5 hop varieties with 4 more additions coming September 2022!

Our Hops

We currently carry small and large bags of the following Ontario grown hops: Cascade, Centennial, Triple Pearl, Chinook, Magnum.

After Harvest 2022, we will add the following varieties to our Hops Shop: Hallertau, Kent Golding, Ultra, Galena.

Harvesting & Drying

Our Wolf hop harvester separates the hop cones from their bines and directly conveys them into bins which are then placed into one of our two drying kilns. This automation reduces the need for human interaction with the plants during harvesting and makes the whole process as efficient as possible!

Pelletizing & Packaging

Our new pellet mill turns the freshly dried hops into the T-90 pellets loved by the brewing industry.

We double flush our industry standard mylar bags with two nitrogen blasts followed by an oxygen purge during the vacuum sealing process to ensure that the finished product is the freshest on the market.

Beyond caring for our own plants, BackRoads operates a full service harvesting and processing operation that efficiently and professionally transforms the bines our clients deliver to our farm into perfectly dried, packaged, pelletized hops. Email or call us for a custom quote!