Cascade is a classic, well-known hop that’s used in a variety of beers and is largely considered to be responsible for the recent North American hops craze. Most commonly found in IPA’s with moderate to high bitterness levels, Cascade hops are known for having a pleasant floral aroma with the inclusion of grapefruit and citrus hints. This makes it one of the best dual purpose hops with both excellent flavor and aroma. Casade’s Alpha acid ranges from 4.5%-9% while its desired Beta acid range falls between 3.5% - 7.5%. 

In addition to being a multi-purpose hop, Cascade is also known for its growth proficiency, particularly in South-Western Ontario. That’s not to say that it should be considered an easy plant to grow, but when done properly the yields can be fantastic. 

Best Substitutes for Cascade: Centennial or Triple Pearl